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Sore Hock (Pododermatitis)


Sore hock, also known as pododermatitis, is a common condition that affects rabbits. It is characterized by sore, ulcerated, or inflamed areas on the bottom of a rabbit's feet. This condition can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort for your rabbit, and if left untreated, it can lead to serious health problems.

Brown Rabbit


Sore hock can be caused by a number of factors. One of the most common causes is poor living conditions, such as living in a dirty or wet environment. Rabbits that are overweight or have poor nutrition are also more likely to develop sore hock. Additionally, rabbits that are kept in small cages without enough room to move around are at a higher risk for developing this condition.



The symptoms of sore hock in rabbits include red, inflamed, or ulcerated areas on the bottom of their feet. These areas may be painful to the touch and may bleed or ooze. In severe cases, the rabbit may refuse to walk or put weight on the affected feet. If you notice any of these symptoms in your rabbit, it is important to seek veterinary care immediately.



The treatment for sore hock in rabbits depends on the severity of the condition. In mild cases, your veterinarian may recommend making changes to your rabbit's living conditions, such as providing soft bedding or giving your rabbit more room to move around. If the condition is more severe, your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics or pain medication to help reduce inflammation and manage the pain. In some cases, surgery may be necessary to remove any dead tissue or to repair damage to the affected areas.



Preventing sore hock in rabbits is key to keeping your furry friend healthy and happy. Here are some tips to help prevent this condition:

Provide your rabbit with a clean, dry living space with plenty of room to move around. Avoid wire-bottomed cages or floors, as these can cause damage to your rabbit's feet. Ensure your rabbit is getting a balanced diet with plenty of fiber and proper nutrition. Regularly check your rabbit's feet for any signs of redness, inflammation, or sores. If you suspect that your rabbit has sore hock or any other foot-related problems, it is important to seek veterinary care as soon as possible. Your veterinarian can help diagnose and treat the condition, and also provide you with valuable advice on how to prevent it from occurring in the future.

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