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Exotic Pets


If you have a need for exotic pet care in the Nashville area, we offer more than 45 years of experience of care for many types of animals. At Priest Lake Veterinary Hospital, each of our veterinarians have a special interest in exotic medicine, and many of them practice it on a daily basis.

Our clinic provides exotic pet care for birds, reptiles, small mammals, and pocket pets, such as hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, hedgehogs, gerbils, and degus. If you have a pet that falls into one of these categories, we have you covered!

Exotic pets may not be as popular as other animals that you are used to seeing as part of a family’s household, but they can be just as fun, rewarding, and easy to form bonds with! 

Birds, for example, are highly intelligent animals that can learn tricks and even talk back! Turtles, if provided the proper habitat and dietary requirements, can be another great addition to your home with their unique personalities. Reptiles are quiet, low-maintenance, scaly friends that can also offer you companionship without all the hassle. Read more below to discover what type of care each of these animals needs and if they’re right for you.


Group of exotic pets


Routine Exams for Exotic Pets

Exotic pets need routine physical exams just like dogs and cats do. You should bring your birds, pocket pets, and reptiles in to get an exam at least once per year. If the vet finds something out of place with your pet, or your animal suffers a medical emergency, you may need to get a specialized exam. These exams are focused on diagnostics to determine what is causing the problem with your pet. In house blood-work, fecal testing and cytologies allow us to determine diagnosis and best method of treatment.

Alongside comprehensive testing for health conditions, we offer surgical options. Our clinic offers most exotic spays and neuters (depending on size and species), as well as teeth filings, mass removals, and exploratory surgeries. Call us today to schedule a consult.

For more complicated procedures that require imaging, our doctors and licensed staff members can perform x-rays in the clinic and have a working relationship with Nashville Veterinary Specialists to perform outpatient CT scan of our exotic patients. 


**PLEASE NOTE: We do not treat the following types of animals: horses, poisonous snakes/insects, spiders, prairie dogs, wildlife (including opossums, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, etc.), foxes, macaws, fish, monkeys or kangaroos. Please call in advance to schedule an appointment, as only certain doctors see specific types of animal. An emergency exam fee may be charged if you are a non-client. Plan on bringing a fresh stool sample to every wellness check.**

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