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December News Letter

Merry December! This year is slowly coming to an end. Does anyone know where it went? Wow I guess time does Fly. The temperatures are dropping more to my liking for sure. I've only had my heat on for 3 days so far. Well lets see what is going on this last month of the year: December 2nd is National Mutt Day, the 10th is Human Rights Day, the 12thHanukkah Begins, the 15th is Cat Herders Day, the 20th Hanukkah Ends, the 21st is the First Day of Winter, the 24th is Parents Day, the 25th is Christmas Day, the 26th is Boxing Day, and the 31st is New Years Eve. Most of us are Christmas shopping and some smart ones are finished. It's the hustle and bustle time of the year, shopping, decorating, planning, traveling, having guests and remembering the reason of the season.


Holiday Dangers

During the holiday season it is especially important that you safeguard things for your pets.

  • With the wrapping and unwrapping of gifts, it is important to make sure all ribbon is picked up and discarded away from a pet's access. If a cat or dog swallows the ribbon it can cause a blockage, may lead to surgery and could be fatal.
  • Remember when emptying the stockings to put all the candy up and away from pets. Chocolate can cause serious problems and should be addressed immediately if it is ingested. Sugar-free gums and candy are dangerous to pets also. If either of these things are ingested, call your veterinarian or an emergency vet clinic right away. The sooner they are treated the better the outcome.
  • With guests coming in and out of the house, make sure your pets are put in a separate room or somewhere that they can't escape. People coming in with presents can't always see your pet and may accidently let them escape.
  • If you are walking your pet on sidewalks that have been treated with ice salt, be sure to wipe their feet off when they come inside. They will usually lick their feet and it may make them ill.
  • Be sure that your guests know what can and can't be fed to your pets. Many people think that they are being good to your pets by giving them treats from their plates.
  • If your pet is a chewer be sure to hide electrical cords, keep breakable ornaments up higher and out of reach.
  • Try to keep your pets out of the tree water. It is not good for them although they may want to drink it.

Please keep your pets safe this holiday season and have a safe and healthy holiday month.

Be safe on your Holiday travels. Keep an eye on your pets and enjoy the family time you have.


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