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April News Letter Happy April.  The weather is still up and down but spring is here.  The time change threw my cats in a tizzy.  How about your pets?  April is a full month, it is Prevent Lyme Disease, Heartworm Awareness, Pet First Aid Awareness and Prevention of animal Cruelty Month  The 1st is April Fools Day as well as Easter, the 7th is Every Day is Tag Day, the 11th is National Pet Day, the 15th is Pet ID Week the 17th is Tax Day, the 22nd is Earth Day, the 25th is International Guide Dog Day and Administrative Professionals Day, the 26th is Kids and Pets Day, The 27th Is Hairball awareness Day, and the 28th is World Veterinary Day.  Remember to keep your child’s candy up and away from your pets.  It could be fatal to your cat or dog.  Watch the easter grass as well, it should not be consumed it can cause obstruction of the intestines.   Clinic news: In June Dr. McCollum will be working only 1 day a week and Dr. Haggard will be back full time.        Pam

Disaster Awareness:
In many areas of the country this is the time for natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and earthquakes.  No matter where you reside, it is important to have a pet emergency kit as well as one for your family.  Pet emergency kits should contain:  a 2 week supply of food and water, pet carrier, leash and collar, litter box, litter, can opener, emergency contact list, first aid kit, medical records, proof of ownership, blankets, bowls, toys, treats, a picture of the pet and the name and address of your veterinarian.  The most important and effective thing to do for your pet is to them micro-chipped.  Most shelters and veterinary offices have a scanner to scan stray dogs, cats, and birds for an identification chip.  This is the most efficient way to keep track of your pet and to make sure the pet is returned to your family.  When a disaster occurs, there are many pets that end up on the streets, not able to find their way home.  Each of us wants the pets rescued and returned to their rightful owner, by being prepared, you may be saving your pet's life and helping your pet find it's way back to you.  If you have any questions concerning micro-chipping, contact your veterinarian.  A micro-chip is a rice sized transformer, that when scanned, will read a number that is associated with your information.  The chip data base would have your name, address, friends or relatives to contact.  After the chip is implanted into the pet, you call the company and register your pet.  When registering, always make sure that at least one contact is out of the local area and may be in a different state.  No one wants to think of a disaster happening, but we all must be prepared in case.

More first aid information
A. Realize that First Aid is not a substitute for veterinary treatment.  Basic knowledge can help.
B. Learn normal behavior so you will know if something is amiss.
C. Keep phone numbers handy as well as directions to after hour emergency clinics and poison control numbers.
D. Approach sick pets cautiously.  Avoid loud noises or quick movements, especially with cats.  Use a blanket or towel if pet is aggressive.
E.  Have a first aid kit available          
     Things to include:
       a. Rectal thermometer                
       b. Sterile gauze
       c. adhesive tape
       d. tweezers
       e. pillow case
       f.  pet carrier
       g. cotton balls and swabs
       h. splints and tongue depressors
       i.  flashlight
       j.  scissors
       k. sterile saline (for flush)
       l.  latex gloves
       m. ear cleaning solution
       n. nail clippers
       o. towels and cloths
       p. styptic pencil or powder
       q. Eye dropper
        r. wound cleanser and disinfectant
        s.  dawn dishwashing liquid
        t.  cold packs - heat packs
         u.  bitter apple
F. Numbers for Poison Control Pet Poison Hotline: 1-800-213-6680 Animal Poison:        1-888-232-8870 There probably will be a charge for these calls.  Try to have the container with the ingredients listed ready when you make the call.


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